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Roman Aqueduct, PontDuGard, Nimes, France.

At Mason Plumbing, Inc. one of our primary goals is to have your plumbing stand the test of time.



"I have been using Mason Plumbing since I began remodeling my restaurant, "The Sleeping Lady" in 2008. I was so happy with their service, that I have continued to use them to this day! Not only do they really know what they're doing, and do a very good and effective job, they are also very reasonably priced. Their customer service is phenomenal, and their plumbers are pleasant to work with. The owner, Cameron Mason, has dropped everything and come running to help us with plumbing emergencies, even on a Sunday!!! They have been a real life saver to us on more than one occasion. If you choose to work with Mason Plumbing, I don't think you'll ever want to switch!"

Tera Ferguson, Owner, The Sleeping Lady

"Mason Plumbing has been a professional and dependable company to work with on a consistent basis. Our clients have been pleased with the service that they provide. We recommend Mason Plumbing for any and all plumbing needs."

Eric Wormood, Wormood Inc. General Contractor

"I have been very pleased with Mason Plumbing. They offer great service and are very responsive which is very important to me since I am in the property management business."

Mike O'Rourke, O'Rourke Property Management

"Mason Plumbing, Inc. provides excellent service, promptly and at fair rates. We have been particularly impressed by their immediate response to plumbing emergencies. They have helped us out immensely over the years."

Chandra Gordon, Homeowner, Mill Valley, CA

"Cameron, Thank you for taking care of my hot water heater situation. I appreciate that you reacted quickly and took care of things while I was away."

Joycelyn Calvin White, Homeowner, Marin County

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